Welcome to Grace Baptist Church

Grace Baptist Church is a place where you can bring just “yourself” or your family and feel right at home. We welcome people from town and from many miles away to meet with us on Sundays and Wednesdays each week.  We are a group of like-minded believers of Stathroy and surrounding area, who have established a family centered, Bible teaching, gospel preaching church with God-honouring music.

We believe that the Bible meets the needs of people today, just as it did when it was first written. It is our desire to make Grace Baptist Church a place where people of all walks of life are welcome!

We strive to be a church that offers parent(s) sound, practical biblical teaching they need to wisely guide their children.  The elderly are honored while being encouraged to fulfill God’s purpose for their lives in their retirement years.  Children & young people are admonished to honor the authority figures in their life, while funneling their boundless energy into wise & fruitful activities.

If you are looking for a church that strives to preach and teach all the counsels of God’s Word in love, endeavoring through His power not to compromise His ways, then you should come and fellowship with us!  We would LOVE to be an encouragement and a blessing to you, wherever you are in your walk with Him.

Come worship the Lord in a way that brings honour and glory to our Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ! Everyone of us has sins and failures. It has been our greatest joy to have received the forgiveness of our sins by faith in Jesus Christ.

If you are not a Christian, but desire to know who God is through His written revelation to mankind, the Bible, we would love to kindly show you what God has graciously accomplished in His Son to offer you Salvation.  The Bible is truly a “treasure” that is oft despised by this world, but it undoubtedly holds the “key” to obtaining eternal life.

We encourage you to come and see for yourself.

To God be the Glory!

Service Schedule:


Morning Service…………….10:30am

Evening Service…………….6:00pm


Bible Study & Prayer Meeting…7:00pm

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